Are you seeking premium translation or interpreting services at competitive prices in Czech, English, Italian or Spanish?
I am a qualified and court-appointed translator and interpreter with over 15 years of experience in the translation and interpreting business, offering a high level of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and confidentiality.
Translation and interpreting services since 1996.
Court-appointed, certified translator and interpreter since 2000.
EU contractor since 2003.
Experienced in translation project management working with a team of qualified translators, interpreters, proofreaders as well as experts.

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English, Italian and Spanish > Czech

  • Legal and financial translations
  • Medical translations
  • Technical translations
  • Marketing translations
  • General translations

Certified translation services:

Czech, English, Italian
(including their combinations)


Translation and transcription
of audio- and video-recordings.


Czech, English and Italian

  • Consecutive and liason interpreting
  • Business meetings
  • Interpreting before notaries and public authorities
  • Seminars, workshops and training sessions
  • Technical interpreting services
  • Certification and surveillance audits

Both in the Czech Republic and abroad



Continuous education and training is an essential part of any professional translator or interpreter’s work. As a translator and coordinator of translation projects I regularly participate in various terminological seminars and workshops organised by professional organisations. Qualifications